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Tamara Rasmuson
Date Given: 
August 11, 2011

Treasuring Christ Together

TCT is our ongoing strategy to fulfill our mission through a multiplying movement of campuses, new churches, and a Global Diaconate, united by a common mission and founded on a common biblical life and doctrine.

Global Diaconate Update, August 2011

In the second quarter of 2011, Bethlehem invested in two community development projects through the Global Diaconate—both empowering communities to work together for change in the name of Jesus.

The first of these initiatives is Discipling for Development, a ministry of The Navigators. They aim to equip Nigerian national missionaries to serve among the poor and unreached in Hausa-speaking regions in Northern Nigeria. Scott Purser, a Bethlehem global partner, and Blair Anderson, a Bethlehem member, are mentoring Nigerians who will be doing the training for others in this ministry.

We are also coming alongside one of our global partners in Central Asia who is working among Muslim peoples. The vision of this community development project is to see communities access the resources they need to live life free from poverty. With this vision, the organization is partnering with disadvantaged communities by helping them implement relief & development projects, recognizing their own culture as a key to their sustainability. The project is based on the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) model, which focuses on utilizing the gifts and abilities of those people already within the community.

See also the Global Diaconate blog (now located at under “News & Events.”)

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