Erin Dung
Date Given: 
September 14, 2010
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This issue includes the following information:
  • 'Thanking God for Ruth Rabenhorst' article by Julie Steller
  • Bethlehem College and Seminary Inaugural Convocation
  • Update From Pastor John Piper
  • Seeking Part-Time Work in the Nursery?
  • Bethlehem Men's Retreat
  • Be a Blood Drive Donor
  • Host Homes Needed for Men's Chorus
  • Drum Seminar
  • Wednesday Connection
  • Gospel in Life (Downtown)
  • Gravity & Gladness (North)
  • How People Change (South)
  • 'Love & Respect' Study (North & Downtown)
  • Christ-Centered Parenting (North & South)
  • Global Partners of the Week
  • Missions Fellowship Special Event With Grace Fabian

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