Instructing Children in Scripture
David Michael
Date Given: 
March 1, 2010

How to Teach Bible Verses to Toddlers and Preschoolers

It is recommended that memory work be done at a separate time from the lesson. It can be done casually merely by periodically repeating the verse during freeplay. Or, if the children are brought together at an additional time during the hour, the memory verse can be repeated four or five times with the children. (For example, when the children are sitting at the table waiting for snacks, take the opportunity to teach the fighter verse.)

Start by teaching a phrase and then expanding the verse as the children learn its parts. One verse is focused on each month.

The best way to help children memorize verses is repetition. First, pronounce the reference and have the group repeat it. Then say the verse, in several bit size chunks, the children repeat each part. Then say the reference again.  Go over the verse several more times, lengthening the parts said each time.

Use the Fighter Verse Flash Cards! The children will quickly associate the shape and color with the verse they are learning.  These are particularly helpful for review.

Ideas for Bible Memory

Singing: Put the fighter verse to a traditional tune.

Recording: Make a tape recording of your class saying their verses. 
        They will love hearing themselves on the recorder!

Illustrations: Have each child illustrate the verse or a part of it and display
  their drawings.


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