Includes list of leadership staff, camper expectations, and policies on electronic devices, medications, allergies, cabin assignments and prayer partners
Kevin Dau
2012 Youth Summer Camp
Date Given: 
April 18, 2012

General Staff, Expectations, and Policies Information

Camp Speaker and Teachers
Our speaker is Sam Crabtree. He is our Lead Pastor for Life Training and a gifted speaker for this, or any, age group.

Our male Bible Teacher is Ben Collins. He is currently a BCS student and the Intern for Youth Discipleship, North working with junior high families. He has both a heart for and experience with this age group.

Our female Bible Teacher is Karen McDermott. She is a sixth grade classroom Team Leader from the north campus. She was also our Bible Teacher last year.

Camp Lead Staff
Director: Kevin Dau

Pastor: Bud Burk, Pastor for Child & Youth Discipleship, Downtown Campus

Worship Mentor: RT Maldaner, Young Adult Worship Mentor, Downtown Campus

Speaker: Sam Crabtree, Lead Pastor for Life Training Male

Bible Teacher: Ben Collins, Intern for Youth Dicipleship, North

Female Bible Teacher: Karen McDermott, team leader for sixth grade classroom

North Medic: Terry Biros, MD

General Expectations for Campers
We expect everyone to follow the instructions of the leaders. We want everyone to have lots of fun, attend all planned events, and keep a godly attitude. Anyone not able to follow the rules may be sent home at their own expense.

We will endeavor to prevent and minister appropriately to students engaging in unacceptable behavior, especially after lights out. We believe 7-9 grade students to be responsible young men and women and will hold them responsible for the decisions and actions they take. If students choose to be disobedient, disruptive, or destructive, counselors will contact the camp director and/or a pastor. That student will be taken aside during the day where an appropriate response from leaders will be determined, or out of their room if at night and sleep in their own room hosted by staff.

If a student is still unwilling to be compliant with our expectations, parents will be called to pick them up and take them home immediately.

Policy Regarding Electronic Devices
We will confiscate any phone, game, mp3 player, or iSomething devices and return them at our convenience. Only stand alone digital cameras are allowed. We will be careful, but won’t be responsible for the care/condition of devices we confiscate.

What to do with Child’s Medications
ALL medications and dosage instructions are to be turned into our camp doctor or other designated staff unless permission and arrangements have been made for the child to keep them (such as an inhaler).

Food Allergy Information
Camp Shetek makes most of their meals from scratch and uses and alters ingredients based on what’s available at the best prices. Therefore they cannot guarantee in advance any item on their menu is allergen free. By the same token, however, they are willing to work with campers with food allergies to make sure they know what is in each dish at meal time, and work with them to make sure every camper is getting well- fed with safe, nutritious meals. We have added a special place in our registrations to highlight food allergies so we can keep Camp Shetek informed of the kinds of allergies, severity, and number of campers affected so they can be best prepared to help.

In such cases, Camp Shetek allows campers to bring their own supplemental food and store it in a refrigerator in the dining area where they can access it during meal time. The kitchen staff will help campers prepare this food as possible and necessary. Please pack perishables in separate insulated coolers to ensure against spoilage during transportation and make us aware of these at check-in.

How We Determine Cabin Assignments
After counselors have been recruited and registration closes, your child will be grouped as best we can to reflect their preferences as stated on their registration forms and include them in the groups from their home campus as possible. This includes consideration for grade and counselors as well.

If you have any special requests, please contact me. We will do our best to accommodate them. The make- up of your child’s group will be published following our camp staff orientation meeting. We wish to encourage them and you to communicate with each other and be praying for those in your child’s group; we also encourage you to contact the parents of other children in your group.

Please Have Prayer Partners
Your child is expected to have at least two people praying for them regularly before and during camp. Please find a friend or relative who will agree to do this. Ask them to pray that God would increase your child’s passion for abiding in Christ and grow in their desire to have their relationships fuel this passion.

We will be sending you prayer guides via email for your use. You may freely disseminate them to prayer partners.

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