Each class in the Foundation Builders series focuses on a significant stage of child development (birth through 14 years) from a God-centered perspective. Because we believe that the church and home represent a partnership in nurturing the faith of Bethlehem children, we encourage parents, prospective parents, and persons interested in ministry to child and youth to attend.

All Foundation Builders seminars are organized around three questions:

  1. What can be done at home to nurture the faith of our children?
  2. What will be done at church to nurture the faith of our children?
  3. How can the church and home work together in nurturing the faith of our children?

A brief review of curriculum used for each age level is presented with suggestions on how parents can partner with the church in imparting the truths taught to their children.

Foundation Builders One - Understanding the Parental Call

Focus on age 0-2 years

  1. Cultivating a vision for your children
  2. The meaning of dedication
  3. The biblical calling of parents
  4. The relaionship between parental obedience and the faith of our children
  5. A general philosophy of discipline
  6. Expectations at church
  7. Role of the father: role of the mother
  8. Nurturing faith in very young children
  9. Relying on God; parenting with the church

Foundation Builders Two - Training Children in Righteousness

Focus on age 2-6 years

  1. Imparting the Word of God to preschoolers
  2. Formal and informal treaching
  3. A God-centered approach
  4. Why Bible memory?
  5. Children in worship services
  6. Discipline as discipling
  7. Parents represent God's authority to their children
  8. Instruction and correction
  9. Training at church: relationship between expectations at home and expectations at church

Foundation Builders Three - Nurturing a Heart for God

Focus on age 6-10 years

  1. Familiarity with the Word of God
  2. Developing prayer life
  3. A heart for God: teaching for response
  4. "Leading children to Christ" - childhood conversions
  5. Fighting the fight of faith
  6. Intentinal worship
  7. Bible memory - why, what, how
  8. Dulling spiritual appetites
  9. Purity of mind and heart
  10. Consequences and choices
  11. Educational responsibility
  12. Authority/leadership in the home

Foundation Builders Four - Maturing in Christ

Focus on age 10-14 years

  1. An overview of previous Foundation Builders
  2. A call to battle unbelief
  3. A call to faithfulness
  4. A call to get ready to close the "Door" on childhood
    • When will my child no longer be a child?
    • What is my child when he or she is no longer a child?
  5. Before the Door Closes - check the benchmarks
    • A consistent pattern of Bible reading, memorization, meditation
    • Growing in spiritual disciplines
    • A broadening exposure to Truth and a God-centered, Christ-exalting world view
    • Actively engaged in corporate worship services
    • Trusting in Christ and able to give a credible profession of faith
    • Baptism preparation
    • Healthy and maturing parent-child relationship
    • A growing vision of biblical manhood and womanhood
    • Increasing in wisdom
  6. Closing the Door
    • Marking the time leave childhood behind
    • Keeping privileges and responsibilities in balance
  7. Life on the other side of the Door
    • Growing recognition and respect as adults
    • Participation in adult activities; opportunities to use gifts/develop leadership

Our Vision

Is to win and raise young people within Bethlehem's sphere of influence who:

  • grow in Christ and in spiritual maturity
  • are firmly established in faith and docrtine
  • discover, develop and fruitfully use their gifts
  • passionately embrase and pursue a God-centered vision for their lives
  • meaningfully engage in worship, study, prayer, and ministry
  • apply a robust and biblical vision for manhood and womanhood
  • live courageously in the world even under pressure to conform
  • thoughtfully and effectively engage the culture for the sake of the Gospel
  • are Chirst-exalting, mission-minded, soul-winning, justice-pursuing, God-fearing, Christ-treasuring, joyfully self-forgetting, passion-spreading, spiritually-fruitful men and women who are devoted to spreading a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ



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