Bibliography for the Foundation Builders 3 Class
David Michael
Date Given: 
March 22, 2010

Foundation Builders 3 Bibliography

Arthur, Kay and Janna Arndt. How to Study Your Bible for Kids (Discover 4 Yourself® Inductive Bible Studies for Kids). Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 2002.

Discover 4 Yourself® Inductive Bible Studies for Kids. Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 2002.                                         

A series of individual inductive study books on different books of the Bible.

Durbin, Kara. Parenting with Scripture—A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments. Chicago, Moody, 2001.

Farley, William P. Gospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting. Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing Company, 2009.

Gundersen, Dennis. Your Child’s Profession of Faith. Calvary Press, 1994.

Hopkins, Louisa Payson. The Pastor’s Daughter – The Way of Salvation Explained to his Daughter by Rev. Edward Payson. Vestavia Hills, AL: Solid Ground Christian Books

Nineteenth century chronicle of the ten year spiritual journey from unbelief to saving faith of Louisa Payson Hopkins, daughter of Rev. Edward Payson. Though this book is a brief look into the conversations and experiences of the Paysons, it illustrates the intentional teaching and training of a faithful father and serves as a useful illustration in how to present the Gospel and encourage true repentance.

James, John Angell. The Christian Father’s Present to His Children. Morgan, PA: Soli Deo Gloria, 1995.

Lancaster, Phillip. Family Man, Family Leader. San Antonio, TX: Vision Forum, Inc., 2003, 2004

Leman, Kevin. Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours. Grand Rapids: Revell, 2000.

Maxwell, Steven and Teri. Keeping Our Children’s Hearts. Leavenworth, KS: Communication Concepts, 2004.

Merrill, Dean and Grace. Together at Home: 100 Proven Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Faith. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1985. 

Idea book for parents of grade school children

Michael, Sally. Leading Children to a Solid Faith: Preparing Children to Hear the Gospel.

Murphy, Art. The Faith of A Child—A Step-by-Step Guide to Salvation for your Child. Chicago: Moody, 2000.

Nelson, Jill. Presenting the Gospel to Children.

Osborne, Rick. Teaching Your Child How to Pray. Chicago: Moody, 2000.

Prayer Guides in the tone of Valley of Vision:
    Case, Andrew. Water of the Word (praying for your wife)
    Case, Andrew. Prayers of an Excellent Wife (praying for your husband)
    Case, Andrew. Setting Their Hope in God (praying for your children)

Richards, Lawrence O. Creative Bible Teaching. Chicago, Moody, 2000.
Insights into the theory an practice of Bible teaching

Rosemond, John. Parenting by the Book. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2007.

Tripp, Ted and Margy. Instructing a Child’s Heart. Wapwallopen, PA: Shepherd Press, 2008.

Turansky, Scott and JoAnne Miller. Good and Angry. Colorado Springs: Waterbrook, 2002.

Turansky, Scott and JoAnne Miller. Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Child. Colorado Springs: Waterbrook, 2000.

Walsh, David. No: Why Kids - of All Ages - Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It. Free Press, 2007.
David Walsh presents convincing arguments of the danger of over indulging children and
clearly outlines strategies for raising children who become responsible adults. He shows
the need for parents to say “No” to children through the different stages of child
development and how to do it effectively. The parenting style he recommends is balanced
and wise and encourages perseverance, patience and responsibility in young people. Note”
This is not written from a Christian perspective so there are some Christian values which
are not promoted and openness to alternative values especially in the teen years. However,
this book is a valuable resource to parents and evidence of common grace.

Additional Parenting Books (recommended in Foundation Builders 1)

Dobson, James. Bringing up Boys. Wheaton, Tyndale House, 2001.

Dobson, James. The New Dare to Discipline. Wheaton: Tyndale House, 1992.

Kimmel, Tim. Grace-Based Parenting. Nashville: W Publishing Group, 2004.

Priolo, Lou. Teach Them Diligently. Woodruff, SC: Timeless Texts, 2000.

Priolo, Lou. The Heart of Anger. Amityville, NY: Calvary, 1997.

Rosemond, John. A Family of Value. Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel, 1995.

Rosemond, John. Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children. Kansas City: Andrews and McMeel, 1989.

Sande, Ken. Peacemaking for Families. Wheaton: Tyndale House, 2002.

Sherrer, Quin. How to Pray for Your Children. Lynwood, WA: Aglow, 1998.

Tripp, Ted. Shepherding A Child’s Heart. Wapwallopen, PA: Shepherd, 1995.

Trumbull, H. Clay. Hints on Child Training. Eugene, OR: Great Expectations Book Company, (Orginally published in 1890) 1993.

Resources for Children

Bauer, Rebecca Hayford. Seasons of Praise—A 52-Week Worship Celebration for the Entire Family.
Wheaton: Victor Books, 1996.

Brown, Joyce Vollmer. Courageous Christians—Devotional Stories for Family Reading. Chicago: Moody,

Children’s Bible-English Standard Version. Wheaton: Crossway, 2005.
This Bible contains an introduction to the Bible, how to read and respond to the Bible, a
Bible reading plan, glossary, 214 pictures with accompanying appropriate scripture, and
supplemental material summarizing various Children Desiring God curriculum. This resource
is especially helpful to children using the CDG material.

Harding, Susan. Tell Me About God. Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1993.
Simple studies in the doctrine of God for children

Hathersmith, June. From Akebu to Zapotec. Orlando: Wycliffe Bible Translators, 2002.
Short introduction to 26 people groups that do not have the Bible in their languages

Henley, Karyn. The Beginner’s Bible. Sisters, OR: Questar, 1989.
Simply written “Bible” for young children, lots of illustrations, short sentences, 2-3
sentences per page

Hunkin, Oliver. Dangerous Journey. Grand Rapids: WM. B. Eerdman’s, 1985.
Illustrated children’s version of Pilgrim’s Progress; uses original words of John Bunyan

Jackson, Dave and Neeta. Hero Tales. Volumes 1-4. Minneapolis: Bethany House, 1996.
A collection of very short biographies of well-known Christians. Each biography is followed
by three incidents in the person’s life which each illustrate a character quality.

Lehn, Cornelia. I Heard Good News Today. Newton, KS: Faith and Life, 1983.

Lewis, C.S. The Chronicles of Narnia. New York: Collier Books, 1956.

Mains, David and Karen. Tales of the Kingdom. Elgin, IL: Chariot Books, David C. Cook.
Collection of allegorical stories about life in the kingdom of God

Mains, David and Karen. Tales of the Resistance. Elgin, IL: Chariot Books, David C. Cook.
Imaginative tales of good and evil; sequel to Tales of the Kingdom. See also Tales of the

Martin, Mildred. Missionary Stories with the Millers. Minerva, OH: Green Pastures Press, 1993.
A collection of missionary stories for children

Richards, Larry. Talkable Bible Stories—Helping Your Kids Apply God’s Word to Their Lives. Grand
Rapids: Fleming Revell, 1991.

Tallach, John. God Made Them Great. Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1974.

Taylor, Helen. Little Pilgrim’s Progress. Chicago, Moody: 1982.

The Kid-Builder Bible. Elgin, IL: Chariot Books, 1994.
Short Bible selections with each followed by questions, a prayer and a memory verse

The Wonder Devotional Book. Child Evangelism Fellowship, 2001.
365 devotionals—each one based on a question—i.e. Who is God? Are there many Gods?
What is prayer? Why should I pray? Each devotional answers the question posed, gives a
scripture for meditation, has a 3 line written response to an application question, and a
prayer suggestion.

Schooland, Marian. Leading Little Ones to God. Grand Rapids: WM. B. Eerdman’s, 1995.
Simple theology for children in storybook form

Vos, Catherine F. The Child’s Story Bible. Grand Rapids: WM. B. Eerdman’s, 1989.
202 Bible stories

Waller, Lynn. International Children’s Bible Dictionary. Fort Worth: Sweet, 1987.

Wolgemuth, Bobbie and Joni Eareckson Tada. Hymns for a Kid’s Heart. Wheaton: Crossway Books,

Scripture Memory

Foundation Verses
Verses chosen especially for young children

Fighter Verses
A collection of verses chosen especially to help children fight the fight of faith; included over 550
verses in a two-ring binder, manual and plastic sleeve

Audio Visual Resources For Children

Hide ‘Em in Your Heart. Chatsworth, CA: The Sparrow Corporation.

Sir Oliver’s Song. Canoga Park, CA: Sparrow Records.
Songs teaching each of the 10 commandments; each song is representative of a different country

You are There. Perfect Sound Productions. Available at
Dramatized Bible stories for older preschool and grade school children. Series includes: Bible Stories
for Little Ears, Christmas-Jesus' Birth, Resurrection, Jesus' Miracles, Moses I and II, Joseph,
Genesis-Beginnings, Noah

Out-Of-Print Books

These are books we highly recommend -- Perhaps they can be found through church libraries, interlibrary loan system, or
the web (we recommend trying,, or

James, John Angell. The Christian Father’s Present to His Children. Morgan, PA: Soli Deo Gloria,

NOTE: Many books can be found in the Bethlehem Baptist Church Bookstore.
Please check to see if they are in stock or could be ordered.

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