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April 9, 2012

Since the announcement of Jason Meyer’s candidacy for Associate Pastor for Preaching & Vision, others have posted testimonials and information about him. This page will remain active and be updated for the duration of the candidacy, and it will also include information from our own pastors (such as Pastor John’s sermon introduction to Jason Meyer on March 31 and the Q & A session audio with the pastors that followed).

Most Recent Postings

Open Forum for the North Campus (posted 05/20/12)
Pastor Sam's Blog: "Questions About Succession #5" (posted 05/18/12)
Jason Meyer's Sermon from May 12/13
Open Forum for the Downtown Campus
Jason Meyer's sermon from May 5/6

Open Forum for the South Campus
Jason Meyer's sermon from April 28/29
"A Glimpse of Family Life in Jason Meyer's Home," by Pastor David Michael (posted 04/27/12)
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Pastor Sam Interviews Jason Meyer
(posted 04/19/12)

Personal Blog Posts

Timmy Brister’s blog (Provocations & Pantings)

Timmy Brister is Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida.

Jason Kees’s blog (jasonpkees)

Jason Kees is an M.Div student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Houston.

Dustin Nickerson’s blog

Dustin Nickerson is the Youth and Children’s Director at the Mars Hill Bellevue, Washington, Campus.

Denny Burk’s blog

Denny Burk is an Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Boyce College, the undergraduate arm of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Joshua Breland’s blog (The Daily Bleat: A Southern Baptist Theological Perspective)

Joshua Breland is a student at Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana.

Eric Schumacher’s blog (An Infant in a Cradle)

Eric Schumacher is Pastor for Preaching & Vision at Northbrook Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Organizational Postings/Blogs

Bethlehem's announcement of Jason Meyer's candidacy

Bethlehem College and Seminary site

Meyer Announced as Candidate at Bethlehem Baptist Church”

Desiring God Blog

Update on John Piper’s Transition

Justin Taylor’s blog (Between Two Worlds on the Gospel Coalition site)

Jason Meyer: Candidate to Succeed John Piper at Bethlehem Baptist Church
Justin Taylor is Vice President of Book Publishing and an Associate Publisher at Crossway.

Additional Information

Pastor John’s sermon March 31, 2012:
I Planted, Apollos Watered, But God Gave the Growth
(introducing Jason Meyer to the Bethlehem congregation)

Q & A With the Pastors (audio), March 31, 2012
(following the sermon linked above)

Pastors on the panel included John Piper, Sam Crabtree, Jon Grano, Dan Holst, David Livingston, Kenny Stokes, David Michael. Many (but not all) of the questions from this Q & A pertained to Jason Meyer and his candidacy.

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