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Date Given: 
February 9, 2017

Covenant Affirmation

These are prospective members of Bethlehem. If you know a reason why membership is not biblically warranted for any of them, contact Pastor Ken Currie (612-338-7653 x245). Otherwise, we will proceed with our plan to welcome them during our Covenant Affirmation on February 18/19, 2017. See our Church Covenant

Carlson, Josh
Carlson, Laura
Claytor, Patrick
Crain, Rachel
DeLorme, (Sean) Eliot
DeLorme, Olivia
Devroy, Emily
Devroy, Nathan
Dickinson, Pamela
Fox, Jeffrey
Fox, Mary
Galvin, Kyle
Gregory, Kit
Hasson, Kate
Hasson, Travis
Hays, David
Hays, Sandy
Hayse, Elisabeth
Jackson, Travale
Kamau, James
Kleven, Maria
Mecicar, Renata
Mecicar, Rita
Neibergall, John
Neibergall, Karen
Olney, Peter
Osburn, Christina
Osburn, Matthew
Rinek, James
Sahlin, Frank
Sahlin, Linda
Schroeder, Jacqueline
Sheard, Andrew
Sheard, Lida
Steiner, Amber
Steward, Dustin 
Steward, Christina
Swanson, Richard
Swanson, Ursina
Sweet, Kristen
Thiewes, Sarah
Thiewes, Taylor
Tomic, Katie
Torell, Katelyn
Westling, Adrean
Wharton, Abby
Williamson, Bennett
Witmer, Jubilee
Witmer, Sonya
Zuleger, Dean
Zuleger, Mary Beth

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