Joby Morgan
Date Given: 
November 1, 2008

Our Employee Guide

Why a handbook? Do churches really need them? Isn't the Word of God our guide? If we put it in writing won't we have to follow it? Isn't face-to-face interaction better? Handbooks are too corporate . . . we aren't professionals, are we? Do you really think we'll ever be sued? Doesn't a handbook mean you're just trying to regulate every action of my work day?

All good questions. We have a handbook because . . .

  • We want to be consistent and clear in what we communicate to our employees, minimizing misunderstandings and frustrations.
  • We want to give employees a place to turn to understand what is expected of them, and what they can expect from us (though face-to-face questions are always welcome).
  • It is recommended by our lawyers and we want to pursue an appropriate level of protection for the church, while placing our hope not in those lawyers' advice or societal protections, but in God, our Protector.
  • While it isn't the Word of God, which is our ultimate guide, it is informed by the Word. We value the Word and want everything we do and say to ooze with the Word. It is imperative that each employee lives a personal lifestyle and practices moral behavior consistent with his/her profession of faith, the teachings of God's Word, and prayer.

View our employee handbook (available by pdf only due to length).

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