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Date Given: 
January 29, 2012

Download the pdf above of Bethlehem Baptist Church's Annual Report 2011, which contains reports from these pastors and leaders who held positions in the following areas in 2011:

  • Lead Pastors Serving All Campuses
    John Piper (p. 2) Preaching & Vision
    Sam Crabtree (p. 5) Executive/Life Training
    Ken Currie (p. 7) Lead Pastor for Outreach & Campus Outreach Minneapolis (College)
    Jon Grano (p. 10) Operations Department
  • Downtown Pastors & Leaders
    Kenny Stokes (p. 13) Lead Pastor, Downtown Campus
    Chuck Steddom (p. 15) Worship & Music
    Mike Tong (p. 17) Downtown Campus Ministry
    Luis Méndez (p. 18) Hispanic Ministries
  • North Pastors
    Dan Holst (p. 20) Lead Pastor, North Campus
    Jack Delk (p. 22) Covenant Member Care
    Vince Johnson (p. 23) Outreach, North Campus
  • South Pastor & Minister
    David Livingston (p. 24) Lead Pastor, South Campus
    K. Jason French (p. 26) Worship & Music, South Campus
  • Family Discipleship Pastors & Leaders
    Family Discipleship overview (p. 28–30; containing a staff list, events, programs, statistics)
    David Michael (p. 31) Parenting & Family Discipleship
    Joyce Heinrich (p. 33) Early Childhood (& statistics)
    Bud Burk (p. 34) Child & Youth, Downtown (& South)
    Gil McConnell (p. 35) Child & Youth, North
    Kempton Turner (p. 37) Young Adults, Downtown (& South)
    Jon Nowlin (p. 39) Young Adults, North
  • Pastors & Leaders Serving All Campuses
    Keith Anderson (p. 40) Senior Adults
    Mary Delk (p. 42) Women
    Tom Steller (p. 44) Leadership Development
    Brad Nelson (p. 46) Short Term Ministry
    Erik Hyatt (p. 49) Global Outreach
    Global Diaconate (p. 51) Serving the Poor
  • Positions Serving All Campuses
    Financial Secretary, Paul Johnson (p. 52) Contributions
    Church Treasurer, Scott Rebney (p. 53) Budget, Income & Expenses
    Church Clerk, Sarah DeWire (p. 56) Church Business Record

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