Say Hello to Meetup
Every weekend we travel to Bethlehem. We worship together, grow together in the Word, greet one another, and (let's be honest) tell ourselves that just one more pastry isn't a big deal. 
But when we get home, how do we connect with the Bethlehem folks that live in our part of town? How can we cultivate a community that grows together in Christlikeness and seeks the good of our city when we don't even know who's around us?
This is where Meetup comes in. We've designed Meetup to help you connect with your Bethlehem neighbors. This summer, Meetups throughout the Twin Cities area will gather in a neighborhood near you. A Meetup is a simple shared meal in one of the homes of your Bethlehem neighbors. It's a chance to do as the church has always done—breaking bread in our homes and receiving our food with glad and generous hearts.
Do I need to sign up? 
Take a look at the Meetup map below. If there's a Meetup near your home, you've already been assigned to that Meetup and your Meetup leader will be contacting you soon. Or, if there is a specific Meetup you'd like to join, use the map and form below.
What if I don't live near a Meetup?
In this case, you have two choices. You can either sign up below to be invited to the Meetup that is closest to you, or you can apply to start a Meetup in your area.

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