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Global Focus 2015: Laborers for the Harvest—Business As Mission (Oct 2015 'Star' Article)

Published by: Todd Rasmuson
October 1, 2015

Global Focus 2015

From Todd Rasmuson, Pastor of Global Outreach, with Don Hoffert and Scott Rebney, Bethlehem BAM Committee Members




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Star Newsletter 10-2015

Heather Douglas
Date Given: 
September 18, 2015

On our website, this newsletter is available as a PDF only. To subscribe or learn about this monthly publication, visit the Star newsletter page. This issue of the Star newsletter contains ...

New Beginnings Never Get Old

Published by: Tom Steller
September 10, 2015

From Pastor Tom Steller




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A Peek at the Desiring God Board

Published by: Sam Crabtree
June 5, 2015

At a recent Desiring God board meeting we reviewed the following: last year we asked God for 29.5 million visits to the website. He gave 35.7 million. At that time we debated at some length whether we should ask for a 20% increase, and he gave us a 45% increase. (Jonathan Parnell’s blog post Why Homosexuality Is Not Like Other Sins saw over one million pageviews.)




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Myanmar Trip & Kachin Update

Published by: Amanda Knoke
March 2, 2015

From Pastor Chuck Steddom ...

Dear Bethlehem Family,

Today, Monday, March 2, Todd Rasmuson and I are making a relatively quick trip to visit our Kachin family in Myitkyina, the capital city of the Kachin State in Myanmar. We will be returning on March 10. I have been asked to participate in the College/Seminary Commencement and to be a part of the dedication of the new Kachin Theological College Administration/Classroom building.



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On Contextualization

Published by: Sam Crabtree
February 24, 2015

In speaking to the Bethlehem Council of Elders recently about doing evangelism without compromising the true gospel, Jason Meyer said, “Reach out, but don’t sell out.”




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Good News, Bad News

Published by: Sam Crabtree
December 23, 2014

Bad news – Billions of people are not flourishing, but living on less than $2 per day.

Good news – Since 2000, almost a billion have moved out of desperate poverty.

Surprising news – That advance did not come from charity and aid, but from business and trade.

Unfortunate news – Well-meaning people of faith are generally not engaged in helping the poor flourish by generating robust economies.

Other news – Over 60% of the world’s poor are not urban dwellers, but subsistence farmers.




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Sermon Discussion Questions: Seek First

Published by: Jason Meyer
October 24, 2014

The following discussion questions have been prepared to accompany my sermon during Global Outreach 2014 on October 25/26, “Seek First” (Matthew 6:25–34). The questions can be used for discussion in small groups or for personal reflection.


Jesus’ Silk Sledgehammer: 3 Hammer Blows to the Heart of Worry



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Next Steps From Global Focus 2014

Published by: Luke Humphrey
October 24, 2014

Going to the Nations

Nurture Program
Nurture Program Orientation: November 8, 7:15–8:30pm, Downtown Campus, Room 114



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Circle of Chalk

Published by: Sam Crabtree
October 23, 2014

Gypsy Smith (1860–1947) was a British evangelist who made an estimated 45 ocean crossings and was invited to the White House by two presidents. When asked how to bring about revival he gave these instructions: 

1.     Take a piece of chalk into your bedroom and close the door.

2.     Draw on the floor a circle large enough to kneel in.

3.     Kneel.




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