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An Encouraging Word

Published by: Luke Humphrey
January 2, 2013

Betsy Lawler is one of our global partners who has been ministering to college students in Thailand since 1991. She recently shared a story with us about how God used an encouraging word from one of our pastors to help her during a difficult season of her life. We're so grateful for Betsy and for the privilege that we have to send and support our global partners well. This is one of the reasons that we create a yearly Global Partner Prayer Calendar so that you too can lift up our global partners in prayer.




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Sending to the Nations: Next Steps from Global Focus - Barnabas Support Teams

Published by: Luke Humphrey
November 23, 2012

This is the final post of a three part series directed towards those who are called to be senders. In the first post we examined both the call for all who stay to be senders and three different ways to send well.



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The Offended One Provides the Lamb

Published by: Luke Humphrey
October 31, 2012

There are times when we are made aware of how cross-cultural the gospel really is. At times like this we can do nothing but stand in awe of our great and awesome God and give him glory and praise for his mysterious ways. Joe, one of our global partners serving in a dangerous location, recently experienced a tragedy on the field: a local boy on a bicycle was hit and killed by a car. As the driver of the car was in no way guilty, the accident was exactly that: an accident.



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African Time

Published by: Luke Humphrey
October 16, 2012

It is essential that Christians understand the culture in which they are ministering. This is true whether you are serving in your home country or cross-culturally. In the Nurture Program, we require our participants to complete an exercise where they meet with someone from another culture and learn about their culture and language. The reason for this is that we want to make sure that our global partners are being sensitive to others’ culture so that there is no offense but the offense of the cross (Gal. 5:11).



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Hear one of our Global Partners at MOMS Tuesday Oct 16

Published by: Pam Larson
October 14, 2012

We are hoping you can join us for MOMS on October 16 on the campus of your choosing! MOMS begins at 9:30am and ends at 11:30 am.

Speakers for October 16th:

Life on the Front Lines--Come and hear from one of our Global Partner mothers as she shares from her experiences abroad. Learn how to better pray for and encourage our Global Partners. Each campus will have their own Global Partner to hear from on this morning.



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October 8 Circles of Prayer: The Esther Expedition

Published by: Pam Larson
October 2, 2012

EstherIn March of this year, Noël Piper & Joann Pittman followed in the footsteps of Esther Nelson, one of Bethlehem's early missionaries.



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A Former Muslim’s Perspective on a Controversial Video

Published by: Luke Humphrey
October 1, 2012

Have you wondered how a person very familiar with Islam would respond to the controversial Muhammad video?  One of Bethlehem’s global partners is a former Muslim who has a heart for engaging in dialogue with Muslims and has written an article concerning this video for a website called Answering Islam.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:



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Published by: Sam Crabtree
April 11, 2012

One of our global partners sent the following vignette from life with her 6-year-old, Lucy and her 11-year-old brother.

Lucy (weeping): Henry insulted me.

Rachel J.: What did he say?

Lucy: I forgot. I'll tell him to say it to me again.




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Global Nomads

Published by: Anonymous
April 1, 2012

Global nomads.

Conjures up visions of yurts and herds of yak milling around, doesn’t it? Life feels pretty nomadic for our Global Partners: setting up home in a friend’s basement for the six weeks of furlough, missing the dog who was left with kind neighbors. Maybe he’ll be alive when you get back. Maybe he’ll have run away. Living out of a suitcases, losing that blankie that got left on the plane from Tokyo.



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