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Jun 20
Sam Crabtree
Newfangled social and gaming apps are popular and all, but it turns out that content dating back thousands of years can still hold its own in today's tech landscape. YouVersion, a Bible reading app made by, has crossed the 50 million-...
Jun 19
Sam Crabtree

This hospital (remodeled) is where I was born, on the banks of the Rock River in Dixon, Illinois. Yes, it’s been remodeled in the past 61 years.
And this is where I was born again as a grade-schooler at First Baptist Church in LaSalle,...
Jun 18
Sam Crabtree
Pray for junior highers at Camp Shetek this week. One of the things to be discussed here this week is this: Though we may not understand God exhaustively, if we MIS-understand him, we will eventually accuse him of wrongdoing. Or, put the other way...
Jun 15
Robert Gangnon
South Campus attenders should be aware of a road closing—Juniper Way / Co Rd 70 / 215th St W—that will affect their route to Lakeville South High School through the month of July 2012. 
 In summary ...
 From 35W, take the Kensington Blvd exit North...
Jun 15
Sam Crabtree
What is your take on contemplative prayer and spiritual formation? This week, Pastor John will be able to answer our question in the form of two resources from What do you think about contemplative prayer?O, That Christ Would Be...
Jun 14
Sam Crabtree
Melody Rossiter, 17, wrote the following descriptive essay as a school project. (Her dad, Thayne, is Director of Finances at Bethlehem Baptist Church.) Enjoy. Although the Sanctuary is in the front of Bethlehem Baptist Church’s Downtown Campus...
Jun 13
Sam Crabtree
Enjoy these numbers from last week’s Desiring God Board Meeting: 25,000 downloads of the Fighter Verse app (for iphones and for Androids) sold in the first year it was out. 58,000 downloads of the DG app so far 800,000 views of the marriage of Ian...
Jun 12
Sam Crabtree
At a recent meeting regarding Building One People, chairman Mitch Pearson addressed God this way: “We come to you because you’re the only one to come to worth coming to.”
Jun 11
Sam Crabtree
Bethlehem’s social network host was recently covered in an article in the Star Tribune. See a four-minute video of what The Table is designed to do. Join the action on The Table, including submitting prayer requests—and prayers. What if you...
Jun 9
Pam Larson
It is NOT too late to register for summer Bible study!  Women's Ministry is hosting registration tables this weekend at Bethlehem, after all services on all campuses. Stop by the tables and take the opportunity to join with other women from...

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