We are ...

Calvinistic in our theology

We trust wholly in the sovereign grace of God in and over all things.

Baptistic in our church polity

Under Christ and his Word the congregation is the final authority in church governance with a Council of Elders who oversee and teach the people. We practice and teach believer's baptism (by immersion).

Charismatic in our affections

We are committed to pursue all the fullness of God with use of his spiritual gifts in the life of the church.

All the pastoral staff and elders embrace The Bethlehem Baptist Church Elder Affirmation of Faith. Members are required to embrace the shorter Congregational Affirmation of Faith.

The Mind and the Heart

We are convinced that 1) truth really matters, and 2) that right belief is essential for sustained, persevering right living and affections—and we want to keep these two in proper order. Right belief is not our ultimate goal. Rather, we aim for the heart:

The mind is the servant of the heart. Knowledge exists for the sake of love.
And all theology worth its salt produces doxology.
—John Piper

Our Aim: Your Happiness

Our desire is your happiness in God, for God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.

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