Our ministry partners are under Bethlehem elder oversight and therefore embrace our mission statement and Elder Affirmation of Faith.

BCS Logo

Bethlehem College and Seminary (BCS)
Church-based training center offering a Master of Divinity degree and also a 4-year Bachelor of Arts program.

BUI Logo

Bethlehem Urban Initiatives (BUI) Contact by calling Scott Anderson, 612-455-3243.
A non-profit organization that facilitates Christian community development, evangelism, and discipleship among our inner-city neighbors.

Affiliate Ministry Partners

Our affiliate ministries are close partner organizations that were started by people from Bethlehem but are completely independent of the church.

CDG Logo 

Children Desiring God (CDG)
Resources to equip the body of Christ to reach the next generation. 

 DG Logo

Desiring God (DG)
Resources from the ministry of John Piper

Ham Lake Logo  Ham Lake Baptist Camp
A Christian camping ministry 30 minutes north of the Twin Cities. Bethlehem is a part owner—one of six churches that gives guidance to the camp.
Hidden Treasures Hidden Treasures Thrift Store
A thrift stored owned by Masterworks. Their profits fund overseas missions projects and the Masterworks ministry.
 Hope Academy Logo Hope Academy
An urban school that makes a God-centered education available to the children of the inner city.
 Lydia Fund Logo Lydia Fund
A fund that provides assistance for international adoptions.
 Media Serve Logo MediaServe International
An organization that connects people to world issues for change, equips future filmmakers with training and resources, and creates global films that inspire, educate, and motivate.
 Micah Fund Logo Micah Fund
A fund that helps families adopt American minority and biracial infants and children.
Training Leaders International Logo  Training Leaders International (TLI)
International missions organization that serves as a sending organization for missionaries involved with theological education; also mentors and sends students and pastors for short term trips to teach in places where theological education is lacking or unavailable.

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