Staff for Campus Outreach, our college ministry, are listed on the Campus Outreach Minneapolis website.

Juan Abreu

Intern for Hispanic Ministry

Jesse Albrecht

Coordinator for Neighborhood Outreach, South

Keith Anderson

Downtown Campus Elder; Coordinator for Senior Adult Ministries

Alen Anthrayose


Brad Arthur

Director for Properties Administration

Holly Aubrey

Coordinator for Childcare, Downtown

Joel Aubrey


Nick Aufenkamp

Intern for Sr High Worship, Downtown and Camps & Retreats

Kerri Baker

Coordinator for Media Ministries, North

Deb Bender

Coordinator for Global Diaconate

Josiah Bennett

Intern for Family Life

Lisa Burk

Lead Coordinator for Nurseries, Downtown

Kelly Burson

Assistant for Payroll & Ministry Assistant for Hispanic Ministries

Lee Burtman

Coordinator for Disability Ministry, North

Ben Carlson

Administrator for Systems

Dave Carlson

Lead Custodian, North

Edith Carlson


John Carlson


Ruth Chavis

Ministry Assistant for Women's Ministry, South

Scott Cornish

Ministry Assistant for Lead Pastor North, Outreach North & Media Ministries

Tracy Cornish

Ministry Assistant for Women's Ministry, North

Krista Coronado

Coordinator for Childcare, Downtown

Jon Crappel

Coordinator for Events

Kevin Dau

Coordinator for Camps, Retreats & Jr High Discipleship, Downtown

Jonathan Davis

Associate Director for Media Ministries

Aaron Davitch

Director for Adult Ministries & Child & Youth Discipleship, South

Valencia Day

Coordinator for Childcare, Downtown

Bryan DeWire

Pastoral Assistant

Caitey Dunham

Assistant Coordinator for Kitchen Ministries

Karla Elsenbroek

Administrator for Congregational Care

Brenda Fischer

Coordinator for Disability Ministry, Downtown & South

Darren Forsythe

Administrative Assistant for Congregational Care, South Site

Tim Frederick

Director of Media Ministries

Robert Gangnon

Ministry Assistant for South Campus

Ruth Gulbranson

Ministry Assistant for Executive Pastor & Communications

Lynda Hansen

Receptionist, North & Ministry Assistant for Adult Ministries

Yvette Hatch

Coordinator for Childcare, Downtown

Jordan Hecox

Intern for Youth Discipleship, North

JD Hettema

Lead Coordinator for Security & Emergency Response; and Intern for Church Planting

Joy Hong

Junior Graphic Designer

Luke Humphrey

Intern for Global Outreach

Brian Johnson

former Hispanic Outreach Staff

Molly Johnson

Lead Coordinator for Kitchen Ministries, North

Paul Johnson

Financial Secretary

Amy Katterson

Ministry Assistant for Life Training

Ben Katterson

Coordinator for Young Adult Discipleship, South

Amanda Knoke

Director for Communications

Josh Koehn

Intern for Neighborhood Outreach, North

Connie Kopischke

Registrar & Director of Enrollment Services, Bethlehem College and Seminary

Katie Kramer

Bookkeeper & Ministry Assistant for Family Discipleship, North

Matthew Lamb


Andrew Lang

Director for Systems

David Larson

Coordinator for Logistics, South Site

Pam Larson

Ministry Assistant for Women's Ministry, Downtown

Dan Lehn

Administrator for Properties, Downtown; Former North Campus Elder

David Lehn


Mark Lehn


Linda Lockman

Assistant Coordinator for Kitchen Ministries

Matt Lund

Manager for Bethlehem Bookstore

Tim Lundquist


Beth McElyea

Ministry Assistant for Family Discipleship, All Church

Harold Meadows


Rob Meysembourg

Coordinator for Facilities Infrastructure

Madeleine Miller

Receptionist, Downtown

Natin Moreno

Intern for Hispanic Ministry Media

Joby Morgan

Director for Human Resources & Office Manager

Jared Mulvihill

Intern for Young Adult Discipleship, North

Wes Nelson


Julie Norris

Ministry Assistant for Family Discipleship, Downtown

Annika Nyman

Ministry Assistant for Family Discipleship, North

Connie Oman

Coordinator for Training & Classroom Support

Andrew Paulson


Jessica Pluim

Coordinator for Childcare, North

Ron Porter

Assistant for Worship, Downtown

Chris Powers

Intern for Content Production

Kari Raia

Coordinator for Childcare, Downtown

Tamara Rasmuson

Coordinator for Global Partner Care

Nick Roen

Ministry Assistant for Worship & Music, South

Brienna Rossiter

Assistant for Accounting & Intern for Communications

Jolene Rossiter

Coordinator for Childcare, South

Thayne Rossiter

Director for Finances

Michelle Ryan

Site Leader for Disability Ministry

Cody Sandidge


Matthew Schildroth

Help Desk Technician for IT

Cassie Schumacher

Ministry Assistant for Lead Pastor, Downtown

Angela Shambro

Administrative Assistant for Family Discipleship, Downtown

Dan Shambro

Pastoral Assistant for Lead Pastor, Downtown

Ryan Shelton

Intern for Worship, Downtown

Kevin Shull

Director for Children's Music & Worship, North

Bruce Splittstoesser


Maggie Sporleder

Coordinator for Childcare, North

Carol Steddom

Anchor Pianist, South Campus

Kathy Stokes

Coordinator for Volunteers & Coordinator for Childcare, Downtown

John Supica

Intern for Neighborhood Outreach, Downtown

Ryan Thom

Intern for Worship, Downtown

Carmen Tomaszewski

Lead Coordinator for Nurseries, North

Mike Tong

Director for Downtown Campus Ministry

Rebekah Tucker

Ministry Assistant for Family Discipleship, South

William Urbanski


Yia Vang

Lead Coordinator for Kitchen Ministries, Downtown

Daniel Viezbicke

Intern for Young Adult Discipleship, Downtown

Sarah Vogel

Coordinator for Childcare, South

Jeff Warren

Director for Adult Music & Worship, North

Dan Weller

Intern for Global Outreach

Emily Weller

Ministry Assistant for Family Discipleship, Young Adult, Downtown

Bonnie Williams

Lead Coorindator for Nurseries, South

Sarah Williams

Receptionist, Downtown

Karleen Witt

Coordinator for Childcare, North

Gina Woodyard

Ministry Assistant for Global Outreach

Jonathon Woodyard

Intern for Adult Ministries, North

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