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Bud Burk

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Children & Family Discipleship, Downtown

Sam Crabtree

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Small Groups, North

Ken Currie

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor for Downtown & Strategic Implementation

Aaron Davitch

Pastor for Small Groups and Children & Family Discipleship, South

Jack Delk

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Counseling, North

Jon Grano

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor for Operations

Dan Holst

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor, North

Lori Jaeger

Minister for Women, Downtown

Vince Johnson

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Outreach, North

Pam Larson

Minister for Women, North

Steven Lee

Lead Pastor, North beginning July 2017

David Livingston

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Global Outreach Member Care

Gil McConnell

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Children & Family Discipleship, North

Jason Meyer

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Preaching & Vision; Associate Professor of Preaching, Bethlehem College & Seminary

Brad Nelson

Pastor for Global Outreach Strategic Short-Term Ministry

Jon Nowlin

Pastor for Youth & Family Discipleship, North

Bryan Pickering

Pastor for Care & Counseling, Downtown

Adam Pohlman

Church Planting Resident

Paul Poteat

Pastoral Director; Campus Outreach Regional Director

Paul Przybylowski

Church Planting Resident

Todd Rasmuson

Vocational Elder, Pastor for Global Outreach

Richie Stark

Pastoral Resident for Youth & Family Discipleship, Downtown

Chuck Steddom

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor, South

Tom Steller

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Leadership Development; Senior Advisor to the President and Dean of Global & Alumni Outreach, Associate Professor of New Testament, Bethlehem College and Seminary

Kenny Stokes

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Church Planting; Assistant Professor of Church Planting, Bethlehem College & Seminary

Mike Tong

Pastor for Neighborhood Outreach, Downtown

Daniel Viezbicke

Pastor for Youth & Family Discipleship, South

Jared Wass

Pastor for Small Groups, Downtown

Matthew Westerholm

Pastor for Worship & Music, Downtown

Jonathon Woodyard

Church Planting Resident

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