Some of our elders are vocational elders—a part of our paid pastoral team. Others are non-vocational, or lay elders. Together, under the Lord Jesus, our elders lead us. An elder's status (vocational or non-vocational) is listed in his title below.

See a diagram of our Elder structure. 

Resources on Elders at Bethlehem

Meet the Elders at Bethlehem

Keith Anderson

Downtown Campus Elder; Coordinator for Senior Adult Ministries

Bud Burk

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Child & Youth Discipleship, Downtown Campus

Sam Crabtree

Vocational Elder; Executive Pastor

Ken Currie

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Strategic Implementation

Jack Delk

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Covenant Member Care

Kurt Elting-Ballard

North Campus Elder

Dave Filzen

South Campus Elder

Jon Grano

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor for Operations

Jon Hendricks

South Site Elder

Donald Hoffert

Downtown Campus Elder

Dan Holst

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor, North Campus

Tim Johnson

North Campus Elder; Chair of the Elder Council

Vince Johnson

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Outreach, North Campus

Yoshi Kasahara

South Site Elder

Andrew Knight

North Campus Elder; Campus Outreach Staff, North Area Director

Terry Kurschner

South Site Elder

Henry Lewis

Downtown Campus Elder

David Livingston

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor, South Campus

Mark Lundstedt

South Site Elder

Tom Lutz

Downtown Campus Elder

David Mathis

Downtown Campus Elder

Gil McConnell

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Child & Youth Discipleship, North Campus

Michael Meloch

North Campus Elder

Luis Mendez

Downtown Campus Elder; Pastoral Director, Hispanic Ministries

Jason Meyer

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Preaching & Vision

Paul Poteat

Downtown Campus Elder; Campus Outreach Regional Director

Todd Rasmuson

Vocational Elder, Pastor for Global Outreach

Matt Reagan

Downtown Campus Elder; Campus Outreach Staff, U of M Campus Director

Tim Schroeder

South Site Elder

Chuck Steddom

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Worship & Music

Tom Steller

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Leadership Development; Academic Dean, Bethlehem College and Seminary

Kenny Stokes

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor, Downtown Campus

Rod Takata

Downtown Campus Elder

Michael Thiel

Downtown Campus Elder

Tim Tomlinson

North Campus Elder; President, Bethlehem College and Seminary

Klaas Van Zee

South Campus Elder

Jared Wass

Downtown Campus Elder; Campus Outreach Staff: Student Mobilization Director

Bill Zwicky

South Campus Elder

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