Some of our elders are vocational elders—a part of our paid pastoral team. Others are non-vocational, or lay elders. Together, under the Lord Jesus, our elders lead us. An elder's status (vocational or non-vocational) is listed in his title below. 

Resources on Elders at Bethlehem

Meet the Elders at Bethlehem

Keith Anderson

Downtown Campus Elder; Coordinator for Senior Adult Ministries

Bud Burk

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Children & Family Discipleship, Downtown

David Crabb

Downtown Campus Elder

Sam Crabtree

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Small Groups, North

Ken Currie

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Strategic Implementation, Interim Pastor for Youth & Family Discipleship, Downtown

Jack Delk

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Counseling, North

Tom Dodds

North Campus Elder

Kurt Elting-Ballard

Elder Council Chairman

Dave Filzen

South Campus Elder

Jon Grano

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor for Operations

Tim Held

North Campus Elder

Jon Hendricks

South Campus Elder

Donald Hoffert

Downtown Campus Elder

Dan Holst

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor, North

Tim Johnson

North Campus Elder

Vince Johnson

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Outreach, North

Terry Kurschner

South Campus Elder

James Lecheler

Downtown Campus Elder

Henry Lewis

Downtown Campus Elder

David Livingston

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Global Outreach Member Care

Mark Lundstedt

South Campus Elder

Tom Lutz

Downtown Campus Elder

Gil McConnell

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Children & Family Discipleship, North

Michael Meloch

North Campus Elder

Luis Mendez

Downtown Campus Elder; Pastoral Director, Hispanic Ministries

Jason Meyer

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Preaching & Vision

Andy Naselli

North Campus Elder

Phil Nelson

South Campus Elder

Bruce Power

South Campus Elder

Todd Rasmuson

Vocational Elder, Pastor for Global Outreach

Luis Rodriguez

North Campus Elder

Jason Ruch

North Campus Elder

Chuck Steddom

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor, South

Steve Stein

North Campus Elder

Tom Steller

Vocational Elder; Pastor for Leadership Development; Academic Dean, Bethlehem College and Seminary

Kenny Stokes

Vocational Elder; Lead Pastor, Downtown

Brian Tabb

Downtown Campus Elder; Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Bethlehem College & Seminary

Rod Takata

Downtown Campus Elder

Paul Tattersall

Downtown Campus Elder

Peter Thorpe

South Campus Elder

Steve Walmsley

Financial Secretary & North Campus Elder

Bill Zwicky

South Campus Elder

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