Role of Deacon

In light of the offices of elder and deacon being named in Philippians 1:1 and 1 Timothy 3:8–13, we have established both offices at Bethlehem. In May 2007, the elders defined a deacon at Bethlehem as an administrative officer within the church who is set apart to ensure that …

  1. The elders are freed up to focus on prayer and ministry of the Word
  2. The practical needs within the church are met at corporate and individual levels.


We believe the office of deacon is open to both biblically qualified men and women. A strong case for the inclusion of women in the office of deacon is presented in the article “Rethinking the Governance Structure at Bethlehem Baptist Church,” by John Piper.

Appointment, Structure, and Oversight

  • The office of deacon is primarily an administrative office of equipping others within the church to meet practical needs.
  • We limit the office to people who deploy others in this way.
  • Candidates for the office of deacon are presented by the elders and called by the congregation.
  • Deacons operate within the existing structures of the church, under the oversight of the elders.

Our Organizational Deacons ensure practical needs are met at the corporate level, including finances and property:

Our Congregational Deacons ensure the practical needs of individuals and families are met:

  • Joe Krekelberg, Helping Hand Committee Chair

Note: Additional Congregational Deacons will be added in the future.


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