Weekend Notes

June 7/8 Jason Meyer  2 Corinthians  
June 14/15 D: Bud Burk
N: Vince Johnson
S: Aaron Davitch 
Campus Specific  Father's Day Weekend
June 21/22 Kempton Turner    
June 28/29

D: Matthew Westerholm
N: Andy Naselli
S: David Livingston 

Campus Specific  
July 5/6 Johnathon Bowers   Communion Weekend
July 12/13 D: Jared Wass
N: Jack Delk
S: Bruce Power 
Campus Specific  
July 19/20 D: Mike Tong
N: Jon Nowlin
S: Jesse Albrecht 
Campus Specific  
July 26/27 D: Paul Poteat
N: Gil McConnell
Campus Specific  
August 2/3 D: Ken Currie
N: Joe Rigney
S: Chuck Steddom 
Campus Specific Communion Weekend
August 9/10 Jason Meyer  2 Corinthians  
August 17/18 Jason Meyer 2 Corinthians  Covenant Affirmation Weekend
August 23/24 D: Kenny Stokes
N: Sam Crabtree
S: Chuck Steddom 
Campus Specific  
Our preaching schedule is subject to change.

One Church, Three Locations

Bethlehem Baptist Church is a multi-campus church—one church, meeting at three locations. We have a Downtown Campus in Minneapolis (D), a North Campus in Mounds View (N), and a South Site (S) in Lakeville. See a list of our worship service times.

Where Will the Preacher Be Speaking This Week?

The pastor or guest bringing the sermon preaches at the Downtown Campus Saturday service at 5:30pm.

On Sunday morning, the preacher for the weekend is at one of our three locations. At the other two locations, the digital recording of the Saturday sermon is shown at Sunday worship services. Usually, the sermon is the only aspect of the worship service that is delivered by recording. Some weekends, we have campus-specific preachers at each location.

We have a weekly Sunday Night Service at 5pm at the Downtown Campus. The sermon during this service is delivered by video mainly, with the occasional exception on campus-specific preaching weekends.

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