Treasuring Christ Together (TCT) is our strategy for funding multi-campus expansions in such a way that we do not neglect our responsibilities to support the planting of new churches elsewhere and to bless the poor. Money given to Treasuring Christ Together is automatically divided three ways:
  • 80% goes toward the costs of establishing new Bethlehem campuses in the Twin Cities area.
  • 10% goes toward planting new churches, either here in the US or abroad.
  • 10% goes toward providing relief to the poorest of the world’s poor, through mercy ministries of the Global Diaconate.
By “taxing” our growth in this way, we make sure that as we expand at home, we remain committed to church planting and to remembering the poor. Since 2004, over $1.6M has been given by Bethlehem members for church plants and global relief efforts through TCT. 

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