Our Financial Team

Lead Pastor for Operations: Jon Grano leads the church’s Operations Team, which supports areas of financial administration, properties management, communications, information technologies, media ministries, and human resources. Contact Jon Grano (612-338-7653 x467).

Our Financial Secretary: Steve Walmsley oversees all giving (“income”) to Bethlehem, and accounts for these contributions according to the purposes for which they were designated. A team of assistanting tellers helps him count contributions each week. Contact Steve Walmsley (612-338-7653 x463).

Our Treasurer: Adam Sexton oversees all spending of these funds ("expenses") in a timely manner, according to guidelines approved in the Annual Budget and our bylaws. Contact Adam Sexton at 651-398-1551.

Bethlehem’s Accounting Department: Thayne Rossiter (Director for Finances), with Aaron Geise (Bookkeeper) and Kelly Burson (Payroll Assistant), assists the treasurer, and oversees various day-to-day financial processes, practices, and systems. Contact Thayne Rossiter (612-338-7653 x479).

Financial & Property Administrators

  • Dan Lehn (chairman)
  • Tom Lehn
  • Barry Onufrock
  • Scott Rebney
  • Thayne Rossiter (Director for Finances)
  • Sharon Rusten
  • Adam Sexton
  • Nick Stromwall
  • Steve Walmsley

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