Creating an Annual Budget

Bethlehem establishes funding for its mission and various ministries through a process that includes proposing and adopting an annual budget that passes through many “sieves.”

  • Each Fall, the staff and Financial & Property Administrators draft a preliminary budget.
  • This draft budget is presented to the elders for their review, adjustment, and approval.
  • Once approved, the elders then present the budget to the congregation at the Annual Meeting in December for recommended adoption.
  • The congregation adopts the annual budget at the first Quarterly Strategy Meeting in January.

Content of the Annual Budget

Bethlehem’s budget is organized in around four broad categories.

  1. Upreach (Worship & Vision) includes support for Preaching & Vision, Worship, and Media.
  2. Inreach includes support for Family Discipleship (Nursery, Children, Jr & Sr High, Disability) and Adult Discipleship (Small Groups, Women, Men, Seniors).
  3. Outreach includes support for Global Outreach, Short Term Ministry Mobilization, Neighborhood Outreach (all campuses), Hispanic Ministry, Church Planting, Outreach Support (Campus Outreach, Bethlehem Urban Initiatives, and Outreach Partners), and Bethlehem College and Seminary.
  4. Support includes support for Building & Properties, Finance/Accounting, Communications, Information Technology (IT), and Human Resources/Personnel.

At Bethlehem's Winter Quarterly Strategy Meeting held January 31, 2016, the congregation approved an elder-recommended 2016 operating budget of $10.7M.

If you have additional questions about the Annual Budget, feel free to contact our Lead Pastor for Operations, Jon Grano (612-338-7653 x467).

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