If you attend our services, you are invited!

Join the Table

What is the Bethlehem Table?  

It is an online Bethlehem-specific application aimed at strengthening faith-sustaining relationships by making it easier for us to stay connected to each other throughout the week.

What can I do on the Bethlehem Table?

  • Browse a directory of people and groups at Bethlehem with photos, maps, and searchable tags
  • Share your prayer requests with the church and respond to the prayer requests of others
  • Serve others at Bethlehem with your skills, time, and items you are willing to donate or share
  • Much more—see the video tour below for an online demonstration 


I’m already on Facebook—why would I want to use this?  

Read this thoughtful article from the team at Tableproject, explaining why a church-specific social network is compelling, whether or not you are already a Facebook user. 

How do I join the Bethlehem Table?  

Click the "Join Here" button at the top of the page to get started.

Who is allowed to join the Bethlehem Table?

Only Bethlehem members and regular attenders who are currently attending one of our three campuses are invited to join our Table. 

Is the Bethlehem Table safe?

The Table allows us to extend our existing physical community at Bethlehem into an online presence; the people you see on the Bethlehem Table are the same people who are physically present with us here during our worship services and other church activities. Therefore, all the same common sense rules about relating to others face to face at Bethlehem apply on the Table as well. Everyone on the Table has the ability to flag any content that is in some way inappropriate, and when this happens the content immediately is taken down until it can be reviewed. Teens on the Bethlehem Table can interact with other Bethlehem teens and adults who have been screened and given specific permission to do so by the Bethlehem Family Discipleship Department.

Can I keep my personal information private?

Yes. By default, your address and phone numbers are hidden from the rest of the church except for administrators. People you mark as your friends can see your phone number but not your address. If you want, you can configure your profile to reveal more to friends or other church members. And even if you keep your address or contact information hidden, you are still able to communicate and fully participate at the Bethlehem Table.

Who built this, and why?  

The Bethlehem Table was designed and built specifically for churches by Tableproject, a nonprofit Christian ministry located here in the Twin Cities. Their lead developer is a member at Bethlehem's North Campus. We think they're great, and we are very excited about the vision they have for serving the church with the Table, which they are making available to churches completely free of charge. One of their tag lines calls the Table "a free gift to slay anonymity, champion prayer, and squash apathy." We love that kind of heart.

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